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Cable Tie and Wire Management for the Electrical Industry

By Cable Ties Unlimited Team on Oct 1, 2020 11:50:06 AM

Cable Tie supplies for electric jobsCable Ties Unlimited has been proudly serving the Electrical Supply Industry since 2001. Cable Ties Unlimited has the right cable tie and wire management products to help you get your important electrical jobs done. CTU offers a wide variety of cable ties, zip ties, tie wraps, and application tools for tension, lock in, and cutting cable ties from multiple manufacturers  including Thomas and Betts, Panduit, Hellermann Tyton, Catamount, Generic Labeled, and more to ensure we have the right product at the right price for your specific needs and applications. We offer UL Listed and/or CSA Certified and a wide array of speciality material ties to cover even the most extreme environments: Plenum Rated, Tefzel/Fluoropolymer, Polypropylene, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), Heat Stabilized, Nylon 12, Stainless Steel, just to name a few. CTU maintains a deep inventory to cover your day to day needs up to capital projects and shutdowns. Click here to check out our large selection of products for your electrical needs. 

We typically find most companies will just source their wire management products and cable ties from the same company they purchase their wire, cable, sensors, control panels, etc… and unfortunately absorb a large markup. Cable ties and wire management is our business and specialty so we can give you an immediate cost saving by keeping our pricing low. Cable Ties Unlimited has long standing relationships with leading manufacturers which gives us extremely competitive pricing on their products. We have saved Electrical Companies thousands of $dollars and cut lead times from weeks and months to just days through our partnerships! We stock all of these items and most orders ship within 24 hours or next day if needed. 

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"In early 2019, we more than doubled our warehousing capacity to meet the demand from our customers and to ensure we always have what you need in stock."

-Scott Hinckley, President , Cable Ties Unlimited

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