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By Cable Ties Unlimited Team on Apr 15, 2020 12:03:11 PM

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Most of your standard cable ties are manufactured with a material known as Polyamide (Nylon 6/6). Because cable ties are used in extreme conditions such as heavy machinery or outdoor exposure in tough temperatures and extreme elements, they are required to stand up to their environments.

Nylon 66 is frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat and/or chemical resistance are required possesses an outstanding balance of properties, combined strength, moderate stiffness, high service temperature and a high level of toughness. Particularly resistant to repeated impact, nylon has a low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance. Nylon is resistance to fuels, lubricants and most chemicals, but is attacked by phenols, strong acids and oxidizing agents. Nylon is inherently susceptible to environmental conditions. Cable ties are moisturized to attain optimum performance levels. Nylon product should be stored in cool dry areas, out of direct sunlight.

For indoor use under a controlled environment, perfect conditions for a cable tie are 70° F, and 50% Relative Humidity. You could expect a very long life. A cable tie will remain supple as a result of the stable temperature and Relative Humidity in the indoor environment. Most brittleness problems with cable ties are caused by temperature extremes with very low humidity. When cable ties exit the mold, they are in a dry and brittle state. In order to give ties flexibility and suppleness, moisture is added by placing water in a sealed bag with the ties. Nylon 66 has the ability to absorb moisture, up to 8% by weight. Best practice is to add 2-3% moisture when packaged.

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Just as Nylon 66 absorbs moisture, under cold and dry conditions the moisture seeks to migrate from the cable tie. Sealed plastic bags are used to prevent this process, but the bags are not a vapor barrier. Eventually, under these conditions, the tie will return to its brittle state. This is true of all nylon 66 cable ties. Virtually all brittleness problems occur in outdoor applications in very cold weather, or where cable ties have been stored for long periods in an unheated environment. The tie breaks as it is being flexed. Once ties are tensioned properly they are virtually immune to brittleness.

If cable ties are stored and used properly, cable ties should perform indefinitely by following these guidelines:

  •  Store cable ties indoors being careful to avoid extreme temperatures and low humidity. (70 degrees F is ideal with a     relative humidity approximately 50-60% ) Never store cable ties outdoors or in a cold vehicle.
  •  Always store cable ties in their original packaging.
  • Keep cable tie bags sealed shut and inspect the bag for any breakage.
  • Choose the correct size and tensile strength. The wrong tension will weaken the tie.
  • Follow a scheduled inventory rotation, using the oldest cable ties first.

In addition, ALL natural 6/6 cable ties will eventually yellow when exposed to light. This does not effect the strength of the tie. If color is a concern, select a colored cable tie. Choose the black UV Stabilized Nylon cable ties for outdoor use. Cable ties should not be over tensioned when installed, as this practice will actually weaken the tie.

Cable Ties Unlimited offers a complete line of high quality cable ties in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors including hard-to-find cable ties. Just let us know what your needs are and we’ll find it for you.

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